Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yoko Ono [161]


Photo by Miguel Angel Valero / © Yoko Ono


artmodule said...

I Love this one.. this kid rips.

mary bogdan said...

amazing... as always.


Benude Media said...

Dearest Yoko,

I was taught this gypsy adage a long time ago and it resonates with your message...Thank you for all you do!

The Tree of Life

It`s roots are anchored into the ground and hold on to the spirits of all those passing by and who have passed on.
The branches tempted by the wind reach out and capture the nourishment of the sun and eventually to comfort the roots from nature`s elements.
The leaves dance back and forth, frolicking and teasing just as children might.
When the leaves fall, they nourish the roots eternally and carry rings of wisdom to the moon , the sun and to your earth.

A poem by Betty Esperanza