Monday, August 24, 2009

Philip Ebbrell [282]


MaryBogdan said...

Hi Philip,

This is a wonderful piece, so happy happy to see you here.

What a great project>


The Nightwatchman said...

Thanks, Mary.

Note - This image is based on a trip to Highgate western cemetery, which at that time was in the process of being restored as the vegetation had over run this neglected graves, statues and monuments. The British Neo-romantic artists and the idea have inspired me that tree shapes can look like characters in a landscape background capture my imagination.

The picture came out of this idea and the way the branches looked like a skeleton in the green foliage. In some of the other pieces, you have the grey, almost bleached stones trying to breather out of the greenery. Recently, I have found that the Victorians would have a funeral card with black edging, so we have black on one side and white on reverse to show the opposites on the postcard.

Again, the framing device is used both sides, as the image can be seen as some place in the coffin. The western cemetery is where Lizzie Siddal was buried and then later she was uncovered again, as Rossetti wanted to retrieve his original poems, he had placed in her coffin. The stamp on the reverse is to bright the reverse and is a flower, so you have the green breaking through again as well as being framed.