Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beth Grabowski [349]

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Beth Grabowski said...

The back story: Elvis Presley died on my 21st birthday. I remember, because we were visiting my relatives in Vermont and my Aunt was just beside herself - hysterical, really. It was quite a spectacle with her moaning and sobbing, "Oh Elvis, Elvis!" I really had no interest in Elvis Presley, he was more of an annoyance to me since his untimely death completely ruined my celebration that year. (although my opinion of him has evolved since then) In any event, his death is always a dimension of my birthday and I thought that I'd work with that coincidence for this project. In the process, I (re)discovered that Elvis was actually a twin, but that his twin brother was stillborn. That became a more curious and poignant fact for me and the card, thus, became a reliquary for Jessie Garon Presley. -bg