Monday, April 20, 2009

Frans van Lent [14]


Anonymous said...

In December, 1994, Ray Johnson, having scheduled only a few more weeks of life, thus still like a fish out of water, took even more photographs of his shadow (dated when developed by "Living Color" at Genovese, protected by SM Scotchguard). This photograph resembles his photographs of his shadow. Did Ray take this picture? Did he do something with it? Would you please explain the origins of this photograph? Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson said...

Your note about your and Ray's photographs of your own shadows, that "...making photos of your shadow is materializing this(lack of) energy" (June 29th, 2009), catches one of the governing actions of REJ, that he materializes the abstract, as in rendering the nothing of a shadow into a something (am image which can be both communicated and transported). Ray escapes from any Christian idealisms into a fully Daoist cosmic field by his own private method of reifying Nothingness. Your thought, "...the photo that makes the shadow a shape in color," is precise and illuminating, so thanks, Frans, for illuminating shadows and nothingness: Bill