Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joan Harrison [3]


Anonymous said...

love this one!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for the invitation. Here is my entry for a Book about Death. I found this scene on the local beach and as always my first thought was, "I have to show this to Ray" The text at the top actually said "something I wanted to show Ray" but when I went to change the type face it displayed the line in dingbats like some secret mysterious code. I often feel like Ray is standing over my shoulder laughing when these things happen.

In February I received the Ray Johnson archive of a friend who died. It arrived on Friday the thirteenth. I have a copy of the original "Book about death." When I die I hope to have tea and crumpets with Ray and Emily Harvey and Marianne Moore and Edith Sitwell and maybe Churchill. Ray will probably be too nervous to eat if Churchill is there so I might invite Emily Dickinson instead. I hope you will join us.

Joan Harrison

Deven said...

Your postcards have been received at the Emily Harvey Gallery