Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Willie Marlowe [107]    


Willie Marlowe said...

Dear Matthew,

My contribution about Death is focused on the death of galleries. So many galleries in the United States have closed since 9/11 and even more have closed in the last year. I am sending recycled announcement cards for a solo show that never happened. It was scheduled to open at Artemisia Gallery in Chicago on July 11, 2003. The gallery closed on April 30, just a couple of months before my show was to open. They had requested that I have announcements printed early so that they could send them to their extensive list by bulk mail. Artemisia Gallery was the second oldest woman's co-op gallery in the US, and had been a part of the art scene in Chicago for over 30 years. I had been a member for almost two years and the closing seemed very abrupt - due to financial difficulties. I still have many of the cards and I thought this would be a good way for them to have another life:
Recycling as a solution to death - recycled matter - a metaphor for recycled souls.

I have curated several mail art shows and often dealt with hundreds of cards coming in from many parts of the globe. I can relate, a bit, to the scope of your project but never organized a show this extensive - this is a monumental project of great complexity, and I wish you every success with it! I am glad to be a part of A Book About Death.


Willie Marlowe
Albany, New York

Deven said...

You postcard has be received at the Emily Harvey Gallery.